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New radon testing regulation for child care centres


The Radon Awareness and Testing Act (Bill 209) was passed in the Alberta Legislature on December 2017.


















The legislation is still awaiting proclamation, therefore it is not in force yet. Once in force, Approved (licensed) child care centres will be required to provide proof that they have performed radon testing in order to obtain or renew their licenses. The guideline for recommended indoor radon levels will likely be consistent with Health Canada’s guideline of indoor radon levels below 200 Bq/m3. Those that find high radon levels will be required to provide a radon reduction plan.

If you are a child care centre operator, you should test your centre not only to be in compliance will the new regulation but also for the safety of staff and children in your care. Testing can be done proactively in anticipation of what will soon be a mandatory requirement for child care centres. 

Single Child Care Centres


We work with single day homes and daycares to provide certified radon testing services according to Health Canada protocols. I am a C-NRPP Certified Radon Measurement Professional and will come to your centre, conduct an assessment and perform a long-term test according to Health Canada’s protocols.  At the end of the test, I will come back to your centre to wrap up the test and provide you with the results with an official report endorsed by a certified professional that can be used to meet the new radon testing requirements. Along the way, I am available to answer any questions you may have about the process.

Day Home Agencies and Multi-unit Child Care Centres


I have a variety of options for day home agencies and daycare agencies looking to test all their facilities and day homes. I will help design a cost-effective testing plan that suits your agency.  I will discuss all the options, highlighting all the merits and limitations in order to inform your decision-making about what works for your agency.

Regardless of the testing solution you settle with, I look to provide a quality radon testing service, a radon test report to each centre that meets the requirements and most importantly, working towards radon-safe environments for staff and children.

Contact us for radon testing program


Contact us to discuss testing options for your agency.

  • Phone: 780-986-2033



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