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Short-term radon testing for real estate transactions


Testing for radon during pre-purchase home inspection

Time is of the essence when purchasing home. We understand that you want the home you are purchasing to be radon safe.  That is why we have tailored our service to offer a fast and accurate short-term radon test to meet the needs of those who are buying a home.


Fast results – available immediately at the end of the test. No mailing kits to the lab!


Approved short-term radon test protocols for accuracy and reliability


Controlled process – with tamper control


Recommended guideline for radon testing during real estate transactions


A short-term test is a snapshot of radon levels at a given point in time. Radon levels can fluctuate immensely during a short period of time, depending on the weather, ventilation, house-use patterns.  Given this variation, there are very specific testing protocols that are recommended for short-term tests in order to obtain an accurate result.  Our certified radon technician will implement these protocols to ensure an accurate test.


While a short-term test will provide a quick idea of radon levels, it is not recommended to use the results of a short-term test to make mitigation decisions.  A follow-up long-term test is advisable.


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