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Thermal imaging
Infrared Certified Inspections


I use a state-of-the-art FLIR Thermal Imaging/IR camera to find problems that aren’t always apparent to the naked eye.  A Thermal Imaging or IR camera translates the heat signatures of objects into colors on a gradient scale, with higher temperatures appearing as lighter colors, and lower temperatures and wet areas appearing as darker colors. By evaluating these images, I can detect sources of energy loss, locate areas of moisture intrusion, pinpoint dangerous hot spots in the electrical system, and uncover other problems, such as wood-destroying pests and rodent infestations.  I include thermal imaging in the price of every inspection to help identify defects within your home.  The included thermal imaging is not a home energy audit. 

Thermal imaging; infrared inspection
Pre-Purchase Buyer's Inspection  


A home inspection is a visual examination of the home’s major systems and components, along with my professional opinion as to their condition, in accordance with InterNACHI’s Standards of Practice. Depending on the home’s size and condition, inspections may take three or more hours to inspect. There are a lot of items to check to ensure your investment is protected.  You can view a detailed list of the items I inspect HERE.


Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or a veteran homeowner, it’s important to understand the state of your investment. What my inspection will do is educate you about the home’s condition and how its systems and components work together.  I want you to feel confident about your decision, which is why I’ll provide a comprehensive inspection, with a report you can easily understand and rely on.  My job isn't finished until I know that you understand everything in the report.  You will receive your comprehensive inspection report via email.  You can view a Sample Report (PDF) HERE.


Most of your inspection will likely reveal maintenance issues and minor imperfections.  These are useful to know about, and maintenance items should be dealt with as soon as possible to keep the home in good condition. However, the issues that really matter fall into four categories:


  • major defects, such as a structural failure;

  • conditions that may lead to major defects, such as a leak in the roof or foundation;

  • items that may hinder your ability to finance, legally occupy, or insure the home; and

  • safety hazards, such as exposed electrical wiring or trip hazards at stairs or decks.

11th month warranty inspections
11 Month New Home Warranty Inspection


All builders now must offer a minimum warranty as follows:

  • one-year on the materials and labour

  • two-years on delivery and distribution systems

  • five years for building envelope

  • ten years for major structural components

11 Month Warranty Inspections include the following:

  • Evaluate the physical condition: of the structure, construction and mechanical systems

  • Identify items that should be repaired or replaced

  • Recommend qualified professionals to inspect or repair

Before you sign off on your new home warranty at 12 months learn your rights and have an inspection done to find issues your home builder does not want you to know about.

home inspections
Move-In Certified® (Pre-Listing) Seller Inspection
Are you selling your home?


Let me inspect it before you even list it. A Move-In Certified™ home has been pre-inspected, which means that the seller can confirm that there are no major systems in need of immediate repair or replacement, and no known safety hazards. A Move-In Certified™ Seller Inspection informs you of any defects or problems with your home so that you can address them before prospective buyers discover them.


You can then take the time you need to obtain reasonable repair estimates. Show prospective buyers that you are dealing in good faith. Avoid 11th-hour negotiations and delays, and justify your full asking price by having your home pre-inspected now.  For more information click HERE.

Mold testing; mould testing
Mold Inspections & Testing


A thorough and extensive mold inspection and mold testing service ensures all mold contamination’s are found, identified, and professionally assessed. Even hidden mold can be discovered and isolated so proper treatment recommendations can be made. Once an assessment is complete, mold and air samples are analyzed by an accredited third party laboratory, and a detailed report is prepared.  A post mold testing consultation is also provided to ensure a thorough understanding of results and recommendations made. As a professional consultant, our customers and the validity of our results are our main priority.  As such, I do not remove mold or offer mold remediation services.  I am a mold inspection and mold testing specialist only!  This protects our clients from any conflict of interest and ensures honest, unbiased results, geared towards your specific needs!

If you see visible mold, have a musty smell within your home or place of business, suspect water damage or have had a flood, are looking to conduct renovations on an older building, or are looking to purchase a new home or commercial facility, I can help! I strive to keep my customers safe, and help them breathe easier by providing mould assessments, mold inspection, and air testing services that are unbiased, scientifically backed, and free from any conflict of interest.  I work to ensure your health and safety through an honest and professional service. I will provide the information needed to restore your home or workplace to a safe and healthy environment.  If your are experiencing symptoms with no apparent physical source, your environment may be the culprit. Call me today!

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